Best iPhone Camera Apps 2020 and iPhone Camera Hacks Tricks

With #shotoniPhone11 in the social media up the hype for iPhone photography skills for many users, you can take professional-looking photos with your phone, it doesn’t matter if you have iPhone / Android. Every phone comes with a default camera app but there are a workaround and tweaks to make your photos bokeh / blurry backgrounds, add long exposures, and shot in RAW like DSLR camera. This post is about the best iPhone camera apps 2020 for iPhone / Android you can use, make sure to keep reading because we will post bonus tips to hacks your phone camera and take better photos.

We Start with iPhone camera hacks and tricks to take better photos

Talking about iPhone camera hacks, this is the simple tricks for you to take better photos. We will discover all things that you didn’t know your iPhone camera could do.

1. Turn on the grid

turn grid mode iphone camera hacks

The most important thing when taking a photo is composition. Best photos are composition with background, foreground, and object. Apply your object with the rule of thirds of taking photos, simply place your object on the bottom, or left / right within the grid. Go to settings – Camera and toggle Grid ON to use this feature.

2. Tap focus and manually set exposure

Tap on the object you want to be in focus and your iPhone will automatically focus on the object, by doing this you can also set the exposure with scrolling up and down.

iPhone Camera Hacks Tricks

It is better to take photos underexposure rather than overexposure, you can edit later to fix your exposure in the editing app above.

3. Hold to lock focus

hold to lock focus iphone camera hacks

If you want to lock your focus you can hold the screen for 3 seconds and later on the AE/AF Lock feature will appear. This auto exposure and autofocus feature are useful in taking selfie or portrait mode.

4. Always find best light

For example, if you take an object that can be moved, you can find the best light outside or outdoor. Try to avoid using flash, if you are in a dark room, you can play with light, or other phone and use flashlight feature in it.

find best light iPhone camera hacks

With this iPhone Camera Tricks, you also can adjust the exposure and drag the bars up to give more lighting on your photos.

5. Portrait Mode for bokeh background

If you have iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone XS, or 11 Pro / Max you can get a bokeh background for portrait mode. It added more depth of field effect and make your object stand out.

6. Burst Mode

Did you know if you hold the shutter button on your camera app you can take burst photos and this will help you take multiple photos and select which perfectly timed photo later in the gallery.

This comes handy in situation when taking people jumping up in the air

7. Take photo while recording Video

If you are recording a video you can tap on the circle button on the left bottom of your screen and snap a photo without requiring to pause the video.

Take photo while recording Video iPhone camera tricks

8. Crop Photos

Not happy enough with your photo composition? This can easily be fixed, improve your photo composition by cropping photos, and move your object on the bottom grid of the crop area.

9. Live Photos

Live photo feature in iPhone 7 or higher is a great feature, you can turn this feature on by tapping top circle on your camera app. This iPhone Camera hacks feature takes advantage of taking photos 1 second before you press the button and 1 second after you press the button.

Best iPhone Camera Apps 2020 and iPhone Camera Hacks Tricks

Later on, you can edit the photo in the gallery and apply Loop, Bounce, or Long Exposure effect by swapping up the photo in your gallery. Also, you can select the best photo by editing and drag which frame photo that suits best for you.

10. Clean your Camera Lens

Do you know what causing your photo looks blurry? That often happens because people forget to clean the lens before taking a photo. It might cover with fingerprints and dust, make sure you wipe your lens before taking any photo!

Done with iPhone Camera hacks and tricks, now check out the best iPhone camera apps for better Instagram photos.

Best iPhone camera apps to use in 2020

  1. Camera+ 2 ($2.99)

Camera+ was the first app that came across my mind, it is now rebuilt with integrated editing inside the app. You can shot photos with this app manually and control shutter speed, focus, white balance, and ISO settings, or shot in RAW mode for maximum quality and apply filter later for better looks.

Not enough with these features, Camera+ 2 also comes with macro mode, that suits better for closer looks like the eye of an insect, water drops, or flowers. It is also great to take photos with a moving object because it has a faster shutter speed than the default Phone camera app.

  1. VSCO (Free with Subscription)

Also available for Android VSCO is one of the best free apps with a subscription that worth trying. It also comes with a shot in RAW mode features, manually set ISO, exposure, focus, and white balance. With VSCO filters you can change your photos feel and look including more adjustment to edit. Many VSCO filters are emulating vintage look on your photos, with a warm tone, but if you are not happy enough with it looks you can adjust the filter strength, which allows you to decrease the dramatic effect and get the look you want.

VSCO annual subscription is $19.99 and you can access a lot of enhancement presets, and get more advanced editing tools including color adjustments. If you are still not happy with your edit you can ask its own community and share settings with others. You can check our best 50 VSCO Cam Filter settings for better Instagram photos.

  1. Adobe Lightroom (Free with In App Purchases)

Lightroom was the first app that comes to the iPhone that has RAW shot mode feature, you can chose DNG or JPG file format with a simple tap. If you are familiar with the Lightroom app on your computer, this will instantly become your best phone camera app to use.

Adobe Lightroom for mobile is free to download with in-app purchases and can unlock more features like selective, perspective tools, and healing. But it has the color curves feature, and like and it is the most feature that its app has that makes it stand out than other Phone camera apps.

To get professional-looking of your photos you can turn on the Grid and adjusting the level, later then you can get a perfectly balanced element of your photo. More importantly, if you buy Lightroom presets for your desktop app you can apply it instantly through your phone camera app.

  1. ProCamera ($5.99)

If you like to shoot in Portrait mode then this phone camera app is worth trying. It will make your Portrait mode stands out with blur intensity adjustment and built-in editor with more depth control in Portrait Mode. ProCamera can support many file formats like JPEG, RAW, TIFF, or HEIF. And same with app above you can shoot in manual mode with ISO control, shutter speed, with additional features like anti-shake protection, focus, and exposure lock.

Next, you can control hues in the editor, to take advantage of this feature, you can make your photos look warm and cool with simply add green or purple hues.

  1. ProCam 7 ($5.99)

For taking high-quality videos, this app will be your best bet. The app has the most completed feature for a video shoot. It has a night mode, slow shutter speed, Portrait Mode, 3D videos/photos, and burst mode. With ProCam 7 you can take up to 4K UHD 60fps resolution with stabilization on, an audiometer for your mic levels adjustment.

Although ProCam 6 seems more aimed at advanced users because of more complicated settings for a casual user. You can control with white balance, ISO, focus position, shutter speed, and image format.

The only thing is worth to try with this app is the full set of video creation and it’s own built in editing features.

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Wrapping up that is the best iPhone camera apps to use in 2020 and iPhone camera hacks and tricks for your best Instagram feeds. Now grab your phone, post it on Instagram and use hashtag #GradientFilter and we will feature your best photos on our website.

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