Black and Pink Moody Lightroom Presets Free Download Zip

Give your Instagram an aesthetic look with one of these presets, Black and Pink Lightroom Presets, with an extra moody tone.

Pink everything! I love this color, and especially these Black and Pink Moody Lightroom presets free download zip definitely give your Instagram feed super fancy looks. Your pink photographs aren’t finished without the right presets. Turn your Instagram feeds into an aesthetic moody pink and match it through all your photos, so what are you waiting for? Download them now.

How to use?

If you find one of your photos has a dark pink color, you will need to reduce the saturation color to match with other photos you have. Lower exposure will help too. Also, if you have golden hour photos, you can change the tone to pink; to do this, add saturation to highlights and shadows using split toning tools and lower the saturation of orange color in HSL tools.

Black and Pink | Moody Lightroom Presets Mobile Free

Download Black and Pink Lightroom Presets

Download Black and Pink Lightroom Presets filetype : .DNG works for Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile

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