Minimalism White Lightroom Presets Free Download

Minimal Instagram feeds still a good choice for your Instagram feed style, especially if you are sharing some Interior photographs. Using minimal style can like your product or Instagram feed style looking more crips and clean. White minimal style is one of them in term of achieving Minimalism Feeds, presets such as less saturated, high contrast is great to use for these photographs.

Here’s my Lightroom preset for minimal white Instagram feed style, great to use for interior design photo or product photography.

How to use?

You will need to tweak black, white, HSL saturation, if need more contrast, you need to reduce more black, and if your photo feel more bluish or orange, go to HSL tools, and reduce orange, blue, yellow, green saturation if needed.

Minimalism | Lightroom Presets Mobile Free

Before (left) and after (right) using Minimalism Lightroom Presets

Download Minimalism Lightroom Presets Desktop

Download Minimalism Lightroom Presets filetype : .DNG works for Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile

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