Moody Lightroom Presets Mobile Free Download

Fall is almost ended, there is nothing better than Moody Lightroom Presets. Earthy colors, warm skin tones, high contrast and rich toning, all of that is perfect presets for your portrait or selfie photos. And also you can get more hues settings from this moody presets. Creating consistent upload on your Instagram will achieve you a nice rich tonal aesthetic Instagram Feeds.

This presets was crafted and working for both Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile app / android iOS.

Features of Moody Lightroom Presets Mobile :

  1. Easy to use, customize, and adjust
  2. Works for Lightroom Desktop and Mobile
  3. File type : .lrtemplate and DNG for Lightroom Presets Mobile

See Moody Lightroom Presets Mobile in action below before (left) after using moody lightroom presets mobile (right)

Moody | Lightroom Presets Mobile

Download Moody Lightroom Presets Desktop

Download moody Lightroom Presets filetype : .lrtemplate works for Lightroom Desktop

Download Moody Lightroom Presets Mobile

If you are using Lightroom Mobile, download this filetype : .DNG, import them to Lightroom Mobile, copy and paste settings to your photos, or read this tutorial on how to use Lightroom Presets Mobile.

Get creative

Add additional tweaks like exposure, contrast, and white balance, it will helpful for some photos with low light mode for instance. Share it on Instagram using hashtag #moodygradientfilter

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