VSCO Filter Codes – Minimalist Instagram Feeds Inspiration

The popular editing app for iOS and Android, VSCO, is a great tool for achieving Minimalist White Instagram Feeds. Especially if you are using filters, but those filters need some tweaks like contrast, white balance, saturation, and exposure. By using a filter like SS3, J1 Minimalist, Mixedboost you can add a visually minimalist photo then you share on Instagram to get Minimalist Feeds.

In this tutorial, you are going to see what VSCO Filter you should use, and you are also going to learn how to use VSCO Filter Codes and settings.

SS3 / In The Shadows | VSCO Filter Codes

SS3 In The Shadows VSCO Filter

J1 / Minimalist | VSCO Filter Codes

J1 / Minimalist add Saturation | VSCO Filter Codes

J1 / Minimalist white contrast | VSCO Filter Codes

Mixed Boost | VSCO Filter Codes

SS3 / In The Shadows Less Saturation | VSCO Filter Codes

There you have it, use that VSCO Filter Codes and share it on your Instagram using #gradientfilter or you can pin the images by tapping Pinterest Save Button on the top-left side of the images.

About Gradient Filter

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